Seven Heavens of Honeymoon

It’s always lovely to roam around anywhere being a hippie taking out a few personal times from our tight schedule. But when it comes to the point of choosing a honeymoon destination, both the bride and groom get choosy according to their nature. One likes the romantic beach, and the other goes for adventure and the friends and family wonder which place they arrange a perfect honeymoon for the newlyweds dear ones. So, dear all, here you can find a few different types of destinations for an ideal holiday of the first husband and wife.

Bedarra Island: It’s a privately owned island with pristine coral sandy beaches with coves formed by giant granite boulders and decorated with lush green jungle. If you want to sit back and enjoy with your partner, feel the beauty of impressive nature and it’s fauna, this Island is perfect for the select two. The vibrant blue Ulysses butterfly, the Giant Birdwing butterfly, northern rainforest skink, Scrub Fowl, Sunbirds, tree frogs, geckos, forest dragons, tree monitors, pythons and echidna are the residents here. Sea turtles and dugongs can be observed around here and if lucky Migaloo, the white humpback whale can be seen.

Cradle Mountain-Lake

One of the major tourist sites in Tasmania, Cradle mountain belongs to Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. The 5069 ft. The tall peak is famous for biodiversity with flora, fauna and fungi and the Lake St. Clair is the deepest lake in Australia if the couple likes hiking, a return hike from the Dove Lake car park with a recommended allotted time of 6.5 hours.

Dunk Island

Dunk Island : Dunk Island is the most beautiful tropical rainforest island within the Cassowary Coast Region in Queensland, Australia. The Island located 4 km off the Australian east coast and surrounded by reefs and diversity of 100 species of birds and not only a home for reptiles like pythons tree snakes, geckos, skinks but also fringing beaches are made just perfect for marine life like sea turtles, dugongs, corals, fish, shellfish and crabs. It’s a lovely destination for the couple who loves a romantic, adventurous honeymoon with full of natural beauty.

Kimberley: If you would like to go for an adventurous honeymoon, then Kimberley could be one. It is situated in a beautiful place in Western Australia with a few spectacular beaches and rock pools. You may enjoy a camel ride in the Cable Beach of soft white sand. Off Roading from Broom to Cape Leveque and feeling the remote wilderness would be thrilling. In here, valleys of the Ord, Fitzroy and Lennard river can steal your heart.


Thredbo: If winter is the time for your honeymoon, then a soft snowfield would welcome you with many things you can share with your partner like skiing, snowboarding or making a snowman together. In winter the temperature goes down by minus 8 degrees, and you can enjoy to the fullest. Even if you choose this place in summer, horse riding, fishing or hiking could be excellent here. You can reach the tallest point of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko and enjoy the only glacial lake and the entire city view.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne: The ideal honeymoon destination for the urban couple is this vibrant and stylish city. Both can enjoy shopping, having foods and wines in various restaurants and choose many shows and entertainments. Even here, you can hire a cab and go for a long drive on the Great Ocean Road with your beloved and maybe dinner can be done on the way, roadside enjoying nightlife together. Apart from that, the beautiful old architecture can take you to the pleasant past days!!


The Whitsundays : Here is the best destination in Australia with everything you may wish to have in your dream honeymoon along with beautiful romantic beaches, seducing blue water and the best is fantastic weather, totally the ambiance will turn you!! Sail a ship or cruise and relax, and you’ll feel immense happiness. You may go for scuba or snorkeling for an added adventure also and The Great Barrier Reef would never disappoint you but will open the door of its underwater beauty.
So, honeymooners, get ready to explore one of the seven heavens in Australia, maybe you could discover very yourselves. Happy honeymoon!!

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