Surfing And Sking In Sydney

It is about ninety km from Sydney there are good beaches. Avoca is the place where we can enjoy beach walks. The sand below our feet for long stretches is a good feeling. Paddleboats are available for enjoying the surroundings. On the waterfront, there is pelican feeding which makes the area busy. In December, there is Pines Charity Surf classic near the beach. Byron Bay has a beautiful background. There are many hippies found here, but there is suitable accommodation for families too. Many activities for the children like surfing and circus courses. For adults, there are many rejuvenation treatments like a spa. 

NSW Ski season is from June until October every year. There is a lot of snow during the end of July and August. Snow is always there during the winter season. The resorts have snowmaking facilities to keep the visitors entertained in almost all seasons. In NSW, there are mainly four ski resort areas. 

Thredbo is an alpine resort that is in the snowy mountains near the foot of Mt Kosciuszko. It has the longest run and is most suitable for all types of boarders and skiers. Here there is a mega system of snowmaking and has a long run. There are traditional lodges and also apartments which have all modern facilities. The ambiance of these accommodations is perfect. There are many terrain parks and high peaks in Australia. Children can enjoy with the snow. Cross country skiers have great opportunities to try their skills. There are restaurants and shops, and the nightlife is active and busy. Both the sides of the mountains are also full of activities. Accommodations mostly have accessible transport facilities. 

Perisher Blue: Smiggins Hole, Mt. Blue Cow, Guthega, and Perisher are the villages that form the large resort in NSW. At Perisher Blue, there is a full opportunity for the learners and the experts to try their skills. Packages with accommodation include lessons and a lift pass. This place can be reached by road or ski tube. There is a lot of snow here for skiing. Shops, restaurants, and bars are the top entertainment places for skiers. Children have exclusive programs with snowmaking facilities. There is entertainment throughout the winter months and night skiing facilities. 

Charlottes Pass Ski Resort: This resort is about 1760 meters above and is the highest location. The snowfall here is the best and is of good quality. There is a lot of snow, and the place is accessible only through over snow transport. As all the accommodations are in the snow, it is necessary to ski into and out. Freestyle Terrain Park and Charlottes Play Park have many new features. 

Selwyn Snowfields: This is located in the north part of Kosciuszko National Park. There are many activities like snow tubing, snowboarding, skiing, and cross country skiing. Families come here to enjoy the exotic way to spend their time in the snow at an affordable price. 

The people liking to get to these snow resorts have to travel from Sydney to Jindabyne. From here, it is about only thirty minutes to Thredbo and Perisher Blue. It takes fifteen minutes to ski tube car park. Weather conditions are the main reasons for the traveling time taking. If there is more snow, then the time taken is more. 

Sapphire Coast: From Canberra, it takes three hours, and from Sydney, it takes six hours. Beaches are clean and sparkling. Soothing lakes, green hills, Seaside villages, caves, and cliffs make the place more beautiful. There are national parks also. This place is suitable for long walks, fine food, water sports, and good wine. 

Port Stephens NSW: From Sydney north, it takes about two hours to reach this place. There are more than 26 sandy beaches. The bay is huge here. There are mountains and rainforest which helps the visitor to spend their holidays happily. Tomaree Peninsula, Golden Blight, and Tilligery Peninsula are the areas surrounded by Port Stephens Bay. There are world-class national parks here. The sand is suitable for four-wheeler driving. Dolphins accompany while swimming and there is a lot of surfing here. 

Coffs harbor: This place is between Sydney and Brisbane. The rainforests, climate, and quiet beaches make it the best destination for families to have a holiday. Gumbainggirr people are the owners of this harbor. 

Jervis Bay: This beach is one3 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is covered with powdery sand, and the water is of Turquoise color. Towards the south, there is Boodere National Park. There are quiet beaches and good forests. Hyams Beach has white sand. There are lagoons, secret coves, hidden creeks, and beaches ready for many aquatic activities. 


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