Weekend Retreats

Many attractions are like treetop walks, pristine beaches, rugged coastline, walking tracks, and forest drives. Many fishermen are seen fishing here, and some people are seen paddling the canoes to the forest.

Homestead Wilderness Retreat: This is in Fitzgerald river national park. There are unique flora and fauna in this park. There are mountain ranges, bays, ravines, and beaches. Visitors go for nature walks here. West Mount Barren, Point Ann, and Gairdner River are some attractions. Whales come here in huge numbers during the season of July to November. Flowers like Qualup and Hakea are found here. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The retreat has two-person units, a three-bedroom cabin, secluded chalets, camping accommodations, and an onsite van. There are many wildflowers with different colors to be enjoyed. In the morning, one can enjoy the bird chirping calls. In the night, so many stars to look into and dream. There is a boating facility to Gairdner River. Canoes and Kayaks also can be hired to look at sea birds closely. 

Hampstead Wilderness Retreat is 180 Kms from Albany and 510 km from Perth. 

Riverside Retreat: Walpole Wilderness area is surrounded here. This retreat has about sixty acres. There are two or three-bedroom chalets. We can see the Frankland River from the chalet and hear the birds chirping. There is no sound of vehicles, and visitors can listen to only nature’s sounds. There is satellite television, log fire, undercover parking, cooking facility, video, electric blanket, and private barbecue in the chalet. There are laundry facilities also. 

Photo by Baskin Creative Studios on Pexels.com

This place is in South Coast Australia, Walpole. 

Goombaragin Eco Retreat: This retreat is on the Dampier Peninsula. There are a lot of ocean views to watch from Pender Bay. From Broome, it takes nearly two hours to get to this place. The accommodations give the best view of the coast, and it is placed apart to keep privacy. Many accommodations for rent, like eco tents, eco chalets, raised decks, or unpowered camping sites. Beaches are sparkling clean. There are private beaches where swimming and snorkeling are done. Fishing is also common here. Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. Nature is just beautiful, and it is painful to leave the place at the end of the holiday. 

Karijini Eco Retreat: This is located in Savannah Campground. It is about 35 Kms from the Karijini Visitor center. It is near places like Hancock, Knox, Joffre Gorges, and Weano. The accommodations here maintain quality here. Rugged tents are offered for rentals here, like dormitory eco tents, deluxe furnished eco tents, powered dormitory cabins, and campsites—a licensed bar and restaurant which offers Australian meals. There is food available all the time here. It is better to pack up the lunch here before going for exploration.  

Mercedes Cove Exclusive Coastal Retreat: This retreat is by the side of Pender Bay, in Dampier Peninsula. From Broome, this place is about 190 Kms. Visitors can enjoy the views of the ocean from the site where they stay. The beach is private, and visitors are allowed to swim and fish. Can whales can be observed from the accommodation. Sunset and sunrise are beautiful to watch. There are eco tents, one or two-bedroom chalet, and an open-plan sleeping site. A minimum of 24 visitors is allowed at a time here. Many social groups, corporate bodies also can book here in advance. Pets are not allowed here. 

Wharncliffe Mill Bush Retreat: This retreat is surrounded by Bramley National Park. Margaret River is a walkable distance from this retreat. Many mountain bikes and walk trails around this retreat. There are cabins, safari tents, dormitory beds, and a Camping site for accommodation. There is rich nature around for the visitors to enjoy. The accommodations have bathrooms and kitchenettes. The other guests can share the toilet, barbeque, and kitchen facilities. Can book the facility for more than a hundred visitors. There are campfires, shady trees, a camp kitchen, and large undercover. The visitors enjoy watching flora and fauna here. There is a lot of wildlife also. 

There are many types of equipment to hire café, kiosk and many other activities here. Mountain bikes also can be employed to explore the trials. Many different camps and lodges to stay in the National Park. 

Bell George Wilderness Lodge: Near Gibb River is this lodge. There are magnificent views of the King Leopold escarpment from here. They offer many accommodation equipments for rent here. Cabins, beds, and private decks are provided for rent. 


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